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We are very committed to helping our bunnies as year 2015 begins.

HRC is on billboards!

On March 9, 2015 three electronic billboards began rotating several timely messages in preparation to hopefully thwart folks from getting their child a bunny as an Easter gift.

There will be a different image each minute that will be up for 6 to 8 seconds. Right now we have 3 images but are adding more, hopefully this week.

House Rabbit Connection wishes to thank House Rabbit Society, RWAF (UK) and Make Mine Chocolate who have graciously given us permission to use their images! These organizations are outstanding in their efforts to help rabbits. HRC billboard images and messages will be integrated with our own. Thank you!

House Rabbit Connection is grateful to Lauren Meyer at Outfront Media. Lauren took the time to learn about HRC to further help us in making the billboard campaign possible. She spent time with us just learning about rabbits. Thank you Lauren.

All billboards are located on I-91 (both North and South): starting at the Wilson, CT exit; south of Jennings Rd, Hartford; and ending near Wethersfield, CT.

HRC Foster Sites Needed
Please call us at 413 525-9222 or email us at info@hopline.org and volunteer. See our Volunteer Section for further information on what Fostering requires. Please help us to make a difference for these little guys/girls! We need you.

HRC Rabbit Care Guide

House Rabbit Connection now also offers three versions of our Rabbit Care Guide online:
CLICK HERE: HRC Rabbit Care Guide

What We Do

We are an all-volunteer, nonprofit corporation with the following goals:

    To take in adoptable abandoned rabbits, provide foster care, have them spayed or neutered and find quality, indoor homes for them while also educating the public and other organizations about rabbit care.

The House Rabbit Connection of Massachusetts & Connecticut is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation and licensed chapter of the House Rabbit Society.  All donations are tax deductible within the extent allowed by law.

Animal shelters have limited space for rabbits. Many rabbits face the possibility of euthanasia.  Please consider fostering or adopting a house rabbit as a companion.  Adopting a rescued rabbit from HRC makes room for another shelter rabbit to be placed in HRC foster care.

Please take a look at our Rabbits
We often have many more bunnies than listed so please call!

NOTE: We do not accept rabbits from the public.

Before you surrender your rabbit to a shelter, read our tips on dealing with common problems.

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